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Donisthorpe, George

Preferred Name: George
Born: 11 October 1925
Deceased: 7 September 2020
Competition Total Games Total Goals
League 33 7
Total 33 7

Born and bred in North Adelaide, George made his league debut in 1946 as a 20 year old and played in the last 3 minor round games of that season. In his first game of 1947 George scored 3 goals against Glenelg and he played a total of 10 league games that season. He received a League trophy for “ Best attention to training with result” and in 1948 he played another 6 league games.

In 1949 Ken Farmer became coach of the club and he placed George in the back pocket. George cemented his position in the team that was taking all before it until he badly hurt his knee in the Round 14 game against Sturt. Such was George’s form, he would have been a certainty to play in North’s finals side other than for that injury. Thus he missed the honour of being a premiership player. As some small consolation George received a “Serviceable Play” trophy.

The Annual Report of 1949 stated that George “played the back pocket position in the manner born. His play was noticeable for its consistency and safe clearances. He suffered the misfortune of missing the finals through injury”

Sadly this knee injury ended George’s career but he found another way to serve the club.

Having commenced work as a junior shoe repairer, George found his niche as the club sprigger and for his service to the club he was made a Life Member of the club. The 1959 Annual Report noted that “Mr Donisthorpe was a player of merit for four years, 1946-49 and since 1952 to the present time has rendered yeoman service as club sprigger, thus completing 12 years of service to the club”.

He received his Life Membership in early 1960.

George continued as club sprigger until the late 1960s.

George, and his late brother John, who also played for the club both enjoyed the past player functions and George remained a regular attendee, even after John’s death.

George passed away in September, 2020 and is remembered as a wonderful servant of the club who was a treasured part of the club for over 70 years.

Games (Select a game to view)

Date Opponent Result Goals
24/08/1946 Port Adelaide Lost 1
31/08/1946 South Adelaide Won 0
07/09/1946 West Adelaide Won 0
14/06/1947 Glenelg Won 3
21/06/1947 West Torrens Lost 0
28/06/1947 South Adelaide Won 0
05/07/1947 Port Adelaide Lost 0
19/07/1947 Norwood Lost 2
26/07/1947 Sturt Lost 0
16/08/1947 West Adelaide Lost 0
23/08/1947 Glenelg Lost 0
30/08/1947 Port Adelaide Lost 0
06/09/1947 Sturt Lost 0
24/04/1948 West Torrens Lost 0
08/05/1948 West Adelaide Lost 0
15/05/1948 Norwood Lost 1
22/05/1948 Sturt Lost 0
29/05/1948 Port Adelaide Won 0
12/06/1948 South Adelaide Won 0
10/07/1948 Glenelg Lost 0
17/07/1948 South Adelaide Won 0
07/05/1949 South Adelaide Won 0
14/05/1949 Norwood Lost 0
21/05/1949 West Torrens Lost 0
28/05/1949 West Adelaide Won 0
04/06/1949 Sturt Won 0
11/06/1949 Port Adelaide Won 0
18/06/1949 Glenelg Lost 0
25/06/1949 South Adelaide Won 0
09/07/1949 Norwood Won 0
16/07/1949 West Torrens Lost 0
30/07/1949 West Adelaide Won 0
06/08/1949 Sturt Won 0

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