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Lynch, Brian Basil

Preferred Name: Brian
Born: 22 December 1934
Deceased: 14 November 2013
Competition Total Games Total Goals
League 51 45
Other 2 0
Total 53 45

After winning the Best Ruckman award in 1951 for the Junior Colts and 1952 for the Senior Colts, Brian "Swayer" Lynch debuted for the North League side in Round 2 of 1955. In his debut year he won a Services Rendered award at the Club’s Best and Fairest night.

In 1957 Swayer won the Most Unselfish Player award for the Second Eighteens and also won the Best Team Man award for the League side. These two awards epitomised the esteem with which Brian was held within the club and what a great club man he was.

In 1958 Brian again was given a Services Rendered award and played in his only league final for the club when the side, which was minor premier that year, lost the second semi final to West Adelaide. Brian’s last season was 1959 when he won a Serviceable play award for the Second Eighteens.

All told, Brian played 51 league games and scored 44 goals between 1955 and 1959.

Brian remained a great stalwart of the club. He was a passionate supporter of the club and was often seen at home matches. Even in 2013, the year he passed away and despite declining health, he generally had a spot close to the fence at Prospect Oval where he could watch his beloved Roosters. He also thoroughly enjoyed the past player functions that are held in conjunction with a number of our home matches.

A colourful character, Brian had an amazing memory.  Just before he died the History Committee was attempting to find out whether the Barbary who played an Advertiser Cup game in 1955 was the future Magarey Medallist Barrie – the only information was the surname in the team placings.  Barrie couldn’t recall, but Swayer knew immediately that it was indeed Barrie.  When asked how he could possibly remember something so clearly from 58 years ago, he replied “I recall it clearly.  Barrie was only a little kid at that stage so I put my arm around him as we walked off the ground.” 

 Brian “Swayer” Lynch at the age of 78. Swayer was a cult figure at Prospect and the consummate team man, a role he played with the club right up to his death.

The North Adelaide Football Club salutes a wonderful club man and all round good bloke

Games (Select a game to view)

Date Opponent Result Goals
30/04/1955 Sturt Lost 0
28/05/1955 West Torrens Lost 0
04/06/1955 Norwood Lost 4
11/06/1955 South Adelaide Lost 0
18/06/1955 Sturt Won 1
02/07/1955 Glenelg Won 1
09/07/1955 Port Adelaide Lost 1
23/07/1955 West Adelaide Lost 2
06/08/1955 Norwood Won 0
27/08/1955 Port Adelaide Won 4
03/09/1955 West Torrens Won 0
09/09/1955 South Adelaide Lost 0
05/05/1956 South Adelaide Won 0
19/05/1956 Norwood Lost 1
26/05/1956 Sturt Won 0
02/06/1956 Glenelg Won 0
21/07/1956 Port Adelaide Lost 0
28/07/1956 Sturt Won 0
18/08/1956 West Adelaide Lost 1
20/04/1957 South Adelaide Won 0
04/05/1957 West Adelaide Won 2
11/05/1957 Glenelg Won 1
18/05/1957 South Adelaide Won 0
25/05/1957 West Torrens Lost 0
01/06/1957 Sturt Won 0
10/08/1957 Port Adelaide Lost 0
17/08/1957 West Torrens Lost 0
24/08/1957 West Adelaide Lost 4
31/08/1957 Norwood Lost 1
04/09/1957 Sturt Lost 0
03/05/1958 South Adelaide Won 0
10/05/1958 Glenelg Won 0
24/05/1958 Port Adelaide Lost 0
14/06/1958 Sturt Won 0
21/06/1958 Port Adelaide Won 0
28/06/1958 South Adelaide Won 2
12/07/1958 Glenelg Won 1
19/07/1958 Norwood Won 2
26/07/1958 West Torrens Won 2
02/08/1958 Glenelg Won 2
09/08/1958 Sturt Won 1
16/08/1958 South Adelaide Won 3
23/08/1958 Norwood Lost 2
30/08/1958 West Adelaide Lost 2
13/09/1958 West Adelaide Lost 1
09/05/1959 Port Adelaide Lost 0
16/05/1959 Sturt Lost 2
23/05/1959 Glenelg Lost 0
20/06/1959 Port Adelaide Lost 0
11/07/1959 West Adelaide Lost 0
25/07/1959 West Torrens Lost 2
01/08/1959 Glenelg Lost 0
15/08/1959 West Adelaide Won 0

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