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Tuckey, Lancelot Arnold

Preferred Name: Lance
Born: 16 October 1923
Deceased: 22 July 2016
Competition Total Games Total Goals
League 32 97
Total 32 97

There have been few who can rival the contribution that Lance Tuckey made to the red and white jumper. He played 32 games for the club and kicked 97 goals during his short playing time with the Roosters. However, an even greater contribution was to follow.

Lance was the son of high flying 57- gamer Rooster, Charlie Tuckey, and father of Ian Tuckey who played for North league side in the mid 1970’s.  Lance joined the Roosters B-Grade team in 1946 from the Norwood Union, aged 22. This was shortly after he had been discharged from the Army after the end of World War 2 where Lance had served as a Sapper.

At the modest height of 5’ 10 ½” he was described as a “brilliant forward and ruckman who kicked 56 goals”, and won the Woolly Medal as the leading goal-kicker in that year. He also represented the club in a combined Association Team.

By 1948 Lance had established a place in the senior team and rucked with Allan Galloway, playing 16 games, kicking 60 goals and winning the Best Forward award. After round 4 he had kicked an amazing 20 goals and 2 points. Not surprisingly the club noted him as a “lightening snapshot for goal”.  Twice Lance kicked 9 goals, (9.0 and 9.2).

In 1949 Lance missed the premiership after being injured. A highlight of the season was a 7 goal haul against the Redlegs. He won the Serviceable Play award in this his final year.

In 1956 Lance began the second part of career in the red-and-white jumper playing for the North Adelaide Football Club District Association. At this time that Association was a very strong feeder for the Roosters. That year Lance won the Fairest and Most Brilliant medal in Grade A1 and helped the team win the Advertiser Shield.

Lance coached and played in the North Adelaide District Football Association, coached combined Association sides, and won the Union Championship in 1963.  Lance was still actively playing football until at least 1964.  His coaching career continued officially until 1966.

That was not the end for Lance’s association with the red-and-whites. He was to become Patron of the North Adelaide Reserves in the 1970’s.  This team was comprised of many ex Roosters and played successfully out of the old Thompson Memorial Grounds opposite the Buckingham Arms.

Games (Select a game to view)

Date Opponent Result Goals
23/08/1947 Glenelg Lost 1
30/08/1947 Port Adelaide Lost 2
06/09/1947 Sturt Lost 1
24/04/1948 West Torrens Lost 9
01/05/1948 Glenelg Lost 2
08/05/1948 West Adelaide Lost 4
15/05/1948 Norwood Lost 5
22/05/1948 Sturt Lost 4
29/05/1948 Port Adelaide Won 3
12/06/1948 South Adelaide Won 4
19/06/1948 West Torrens Lost 0
03/07/1948 Norwood Lost 3
10/07/1948 Glenelg Lost 2
17/07/1948 South Adelaide Won 9
24/07/1948 West Adelaide Won 4
31/07/1948 Sturt Won 3
21/08/1948 Port Adelaide Won 1
28/08/1948 South Adelaide Won 5
04/09/1948 Sturt Won 2
23/04/1949 Port Adelaide Won 2
30/04/1949 Glenelg Won 5
07/05/1949 South Adelaide Won 4
14/05/1949 Norwood Lost 7
21/05/1949 West Torrens Lost 2
04/06/1949 Sturt Won 4
11/06/1949 Port Adelaide Won 1
18/06/1949 Glenelg Lost 2
25/06/1949 South Adelaide Won 0
09/07/1949 Norwood Won 4
16/07/1949 West Torrens Lost 0
30/07/1949 West Adelaide Won 1
06/08/1949 Sturt Won 1

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