North Adelaide Football Club 

Formed in 1888 as the Medindie Football Club, and renamed in 1893, the North Adelaide Football Club proudly stands as one of the oldest and most traditional Clubs in the SANFL competition. We have welcomed many generations of Roosters members and followers to Prospect Oval, who have in turn, supported the Club to go on and win 14 SANFL League Premierships from its 29 Grand Final appearances.

The Club has produced some of the most talented players in South Australia’s football history; including in the great Barrie Robran and Ken Farmer, who take pride of place in our Hall of Fame. Among the many other champions who entertained the Rooster crowds over the years were Ian McKay, Don Lindner, Andrew Jarman, Mick Redden and Bob Hammond.

As a club we are ambitious in our vision, our goals and, our determination to build upon our proud history. The Board is currently finalising a major redevelopment plan of our home at Prospect in order to increase access and engagement for players and the community. We are continuing to develop our junior players and have invested resources into all of our teams to ensure they have the best possible opportunity to succeed.

As a club, we celebrate pathways and achievements; and will continue to set the benchmark for quality draftees into the AFL, as well as the development of highly skilled and competitive womens’ teams. Our regional commitment is unwavering, and the Club works hard to secure talent from the Northern Region.

These are long term goals, and in an increasingly competitive market for fundraising support, North Adelaide Football Club is looking to new ways to enable individuals to help us achieve our dreams. As a result, we are launching our Bequest Program which encourages past, present and future supporters of the NAFC to contribute to the long term prosperity of the Club where future generations can also have an opportunity to be a part of the Club, its Champions and successes. 

There is something very special in knowing you will leave a lasting legacy to the Club. Making a bequest to the Club is a unique way of pledging support to the Roosters without impacting on your current income; -which might be a gift of money, or otherwise a gift of assets that are made available to the Club under the terms of your will in what is an uncomplicated and inexpensive process.

When you and your family are planning for your estate, you should ensure that your loved ones and the organisations or causes closest to you are looked after. Once you have provided for those, we invite you to consider making a gift for the future proofing of the North Adelaide Football Club.

The gift or Bequest can take one of the following forms:

  • A percentage of the total value of your estate
  • The entire residual value of your estate after taking care of any debts and providing for family and other beneficiaries.
  • A specific sum of money (although simple- the value of such gift could reduce over time due to inflation (will not appreciate over the years) and therefore remains fixed.
  • Specific proceeds from the sale of certain assets, insurance policies, shares or securities.

A suggestion for a suitable clause in your will may be:

‘ I………………give to the North Adelaide Football Club Incorporated of Menzies Crescent, Prospect, South Australia 5082, the sum of $............AND/OR…….% of my residual estate after payment of my debts, funeral and testamentary expense AND/OR the residue of my estate, AND/OR the net proceeds of the sale of my asset described as………….., and I direct that the receipt of an authorised officer of the North Adelaide Football Club Incorporated will be a sufficient discharge to my Executor or Trustees who shall not be bound to see to the application this bequest’.

As an acknowledgment of your Bequest to the NAFC, your name will be added to an Honour Board for all to see for ever more.

You should discuss the various types of bequests with your solicitor who can ensure the correct clause is included in your will.  If you do not have a solicitor, we recommend you contact Tim Donlan from Nexus Law Group on 83446422.

If you would like more information on the NAFC Bequest Program, please contact the Club on 83448733.

We look forward to sharing more news and updates with you soon.

Lee Virgin - President           

Greg Edwards - CEO