LIST OF DONORS 11/8/2020
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Adrian Cowling

Garrie Woolford

Michael Wedd

Adrian Forster

Garth Challans

Michael Zuckerman

Adrian Rusby

Gary Stork

Michelle Leak

Adrian Sutter

Geoff Birbeck

Michelle Mahoney

Alex Spina

Geoff Grocke

Mitch Harvey

Alexandra Quinn

Geoff Sandford

Monica Robb

Alison Galloway

Geoffrey Brokensha

Narelle Whyman

Alistair Robertson

Gioia Smith

Natasha Woodcock

Allan Hyde

Greg Bitmead

Nicholas Markow

Allira Ryan

Greg Edwards

Nicolle Culey

Amanda Smith

Greg Gallman

Nikki Barns

Amy Hobbs

Greg Kavanagh

Pat & Barrie Newton

Andrew Aldridge

Greg Morse

Pat Hodby

Andrew Carthew

Greg Thede

Pat Scott

Andrew Frackowski

Guy Debelle

Paul Cother

Andrew Goodwin

Henry Sloniec

Paul Holland

Andrew Harris

Ian Button

Paul Horwood

Andrew Hudson

Ian Gibson

Paul Kraack

Andrew Lewis

Ian Lloyd

Paul Lewis

Andrew Perkins

Ian McGrady

Paul Matthews

Andy Harlow

Ian Richardson

Paul Ploksts

Andy Martin

Jacob Gilbertson

Paul Ridge

Anita Harvey

Jacob Surjan

Peter Anderson

Anthony Durkin

James Culshaw

Peter Darr

Anthony Reid

James Wells

Peter Darwin

Ashley Ruth

Jane Cantrill

Peter Day

Barrie Robran

Jane Lomax-Smith

Peter Frampton

Bek Rasheed

Janet Lucas

Peter Haskell

Belinda Reed

Jared Deep

Peter Krieg

Ben Porter

Jarrod Sandery

Peter Partridge

Bob Fischer

Jason Seymour

Peter Pedersen

Bob May

Jim Caudle

Phil Jupe

Bob Richards

Joann Lloyd

Phil Penn

Bonnie Allmond

Jodie Kerrison

Phill Pawson

Brad Dodd

John Crosby

Phillip Hilton

Braedyn Hasiuk

John Holland

Players Fines Money

Brenton Davey

John Mangion

Rachael Case

Brian Grantham

John Mitchell

Raymond Lofthouse

Brian Thomas

John Neville

Rebekah Eley

Bronte Leak

John Olekalns

Richard Brown

Brooklyn Ley

John Patman

Richard Scurrell

Bruce Whitford

John Watson

Rick Abbott

Cameron Craig

Jon Lewis

Rob Adam

Campbell Combe

Jos Hensing

Robert Brown

Cassie Thring

Josh Abbott

Robert Clutterham

Cath Dew

Josh Carr

Robert Fidock

Catherine Dew

Joshua Jefferson

Robert Ramsay

Cheryle Wintle

Joy Bullitis

Robin Treloar

Chris Ramsey

Julie Vranek

Rod Newton

Chris Smith

Justin Mackay

Rodney Robran

Chris Warnest

Katherine Dennis

Russell Gallman

Con Tsouvalas

Kathy Spina

Sam Facy

Coralie Norris

Kerry Hudson

Samuel Parsons

Craig MacIntosh

Kevin Bateman

Scott Pedersen

Damian Brook

Kevin Benger

Scott Wiltshire

Damon Evans

Kevin Daniels

Shane copeland

Daniel Bennett

Kevin Fischer

Shane Edwards

Danny Righetti

Kevin Smith

Shaun Matthews

Darren Robinson

Kim Seagrim

Simon Jupe

Daryl Carr

Kos Sarneckis

Simon Trenorden

Dave Lawrence

Kris Mooney

Steve Main

David Adam

kym lange

Steven Olech

David Brooks

Kym Woolford

Sue Lewis

David Buttery

Lachlan Hunter

Suzanne Dunow

David Cox

Lance Wright

Suzi Cook

David Eades

Laurie Dillon

Tania Mahoney

David Francis

Leigh White

Terry Cavanagh

David Kingston

Luke Habel

Tim and Kathy Wohling

David Mudge

Luke Ivens

Tim Goodwin

David Palmer

Lyn Davy

Tim Goodwin

David Ridge

Lyn Hodge

Tim Miller

David Scott

Margaret Maguire

Tim Valente

David Steventon

Margaret Plew

Tina Penna

David White

Mark Gilbert

Tom Cavanagh

Deb Curtis

Mark Prouse

Tony Blagrove

Diana Paglia

Mark Scholz

Tony Bowering

Don Clark

Martyn Burne

Tony Burne

Don shammall

Matt Freeman

Tony Webb

Douglas Matthews

Matt Mann

Trevor Clisby

Duane Schmerl

Matthew Chapman

Warren Fuss

Dylan Eley

Max Whiteman

Wayne Jupe

Dyson Hilder

Michael Houston

Wayne Ryan

Eino Vaananen

Michael Legg

Wayne Seagrim

Emily Victory

Michael Redden

Wendy Thompson

Frank Fischer

Michael Shanahan

Will Combe

Fraser Millsteed

Michael Sloan

Zac Milbank





Like many in our community, we are struggling with the significant impact of the Coronavirus and face an uncertain future. 
Now more than ever, your club needs your support. 

We are calling on our passionate community, supporters and all members of the NAFC football family to make a tax deductible donation to ensure we can look to the future. We are aware that many of you are hurting as well, and that a donation may not be possible at this time. We understand this, so we are appealing to those who can donate to the Club in whatever capacity you are able.

All donations, no matter the amount, will help our Club survive and keep the dream of playing for the mighty Roosters alive for our future Roosters.

Your donation through the Australian Sports Foundation is tax deductible.




Administration, NAFC Board members and the Presidents Group.

Home Ground : Prospect Oval, 5/1 Menzies Crescent, Prospect, South Australia 5082

Postal Address : PO Box 2048 Prospect South Australia 5082

Telephone: (08) 8344 8733

Facsimile: (08) 8269 7450


Grand North
737 Grand Junction Road , Northfield 5085
Tel: (08) 8359 7141
Manager: Tania Hubbard

Northern Tavern
269 Main North Rd Sefton Park
Tel: (08) 8344 3024
Manager: Kate Inkster


 Club details 



Chief Executive Officer: Greg Edwards 

Football Services Manager: Darryl Wintle 

Senior Coach: Jacob Surjan

SANFLW Senior Coach: Krissie Steen 

Football Development Manager: Neil Sanders 

Accounts & Compliance NAFC: Jann Bartold 

Accounts & Compliance Grand North & Northern Tavern: Lewis Hender

Marketing Manager: Allira Ryan

Sponsorship & Events Manager: Meneka Mendis (maternity leave) / Olivia Smith

Reception: Ashlee Lines 

NAFC Development Officer: Jason Rivett

Northern Tavern Manager: Kate Inkster

Grand North Manager: Tania Hubbard


2020 Board Members 

President & Chairman
Andrew Souter

Board Members 
Chris McSporran, Malcolm Ellis, Pat Hodby, Conny Wilson,  Wayne Jeffries, Andrew Souter, Amy Challans & Ray Ebel. 

Club Patron
Mr Robert Gerard AO


2020 Presidents Group 

Vice Patrons 
Ian Lloyd, Brian Thomas, Lee Virgin

President's Group Members 

Peter Anderson, Tony Ashman, Amy Challans, Darren Cheek, Peter Coad, Kevin Daniels, Peter Darr, Peter Darwin, Peter Dunn, Kingsley Dwiar, Barry Ellison, Con Floridis, Marc Gibbs, Wayne Gilbertson, Geoffrey Graham, Angela Hames, Pat Hodby, Peter Holderhead, Terry Howe, Wayne Jeffries, Wally Karpiuk, John Kennett, Tony Kilvington, Libby Lawrence, Simon Maumill, Paul Mazzachi, Christopher McSporran, Kris Mooney, David Morris, Phil Ness, John Neville, Graham Radloff, Jeanette Ross-Naylor, Mark Ross-Naylor, Andrew Souter, Rupert Staines,  Simon Stretton, James Wells, Jon Wells, Conny Wilson







It's a Great Great Club
And the Club We Love
We're the Good old Red and Whites
The Mighty Roosters we're called
All for One, One for all
If we're down we Fight Fight Fight
We like to Play as a Team
And we Play it Clean
We're Never out of Sight
Be it Wet be it Dry
We Try Try Try
We're the Good old Red and Whites










The North Adelaide Football Club acknowledges the support from our sponsors and partners and encourages all members to show their support for the companies that contribute to the club. 


North Adelaide Football Club 2020 Major Partner


A South Australian owned company that has been proudly servicing the Adelaide business community for the past 30 years as Toshiba’s exclusive provider of Copiers, Printers, MFD’s and Software solutions.